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29 June, 2014

Recovering // So.....this happened last Sunday night.
173/365 2014.06.22 Short version is that Sadie was VERY excited about something and decided to share her joy by running around the house like a crazy dog. Sadly, we collided, I tripped and ended up with a pretty hefty swollen ankle. Good times. Thankfully though, only after a couple of days of icing and elevation it is doing pretty good. It's still swollen (looks like someone chopped a baseball in half and glued it to my ankle), the bruising is comprised of brilliant shades of purples and greens, but no pain while walking or running.

Frustration Station // I wish I wasn't one of those folks who a) cries when they get mad and b) obsesses about things they are mad/frustrated about when there isn't anything one can do to change it. But I am and it's making dealing with a current work situation all kinds of frustrating.

Book Fail // Remember just the other day when I said I wasn't going to buy any more books until I "read down" my to-read pile? didn't happen. I caved after two days and bought a super trashy book. In my defense I've already read said book but still. I have NO self control.


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