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22 June, 2014

Time Warp // Good grief. I don't know why but things have been wicked busy around these parts the last few weeks. It's ridiculous. Whatever happened to lazy summer afternoons?! They no longer exist in my world.

You Better Work // Where I work, we have access to a fitness center and have the opportunity to work with some pretty fantastic personal trainers. Awesome, right?! It's a benefit I don't really take advantage of. But, this week, I've signed myself to work with one of the trainers for a little ass kicking. I'm beginning to realize that I'm the type of person that if I want to reach my "ultimate goal" of running a marathon (not anytime soon, but you know, some day), I'm going to need a little help. So that's what I am going to get. I'm a little terrified, but I think it'll be good to have someone in my corner pushing me.

Run Along With Me // Speaking of running. This week I conquered some hills. Dodged a skunk. Confused some deer. And am now able to run for 20 minutes without a walk break! I'm still not fast but I'm at a pace where I feel like I could run forever!

Viva Las Vegas // The countdown has begun! In three months, I board a plan with three friends to hit the Vegas strip for a week. I cannot wait!

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