Project 365: Week 19

08 May, 2014

I'm kind of surprised that I managed to go an entire week without a photograph of a painting.


The last night of trivia. We didn't do to bad for the 7 week series. I think we ended up right smack dab in the middle which is pretty much where we were each week. I am definitely looking forward to doing it again in the fall!

120/365 2014.04.30

Because I need one more hobby. I've decided to learn calligraphy. This was my first attempt. Sans any template or direction of any kind.

121/365 2014.05.01

First morning run in a long time!

122/365 2014.05.02

Practicing my alphabet.

123/365 2014.05.03

Sadie and I spent much of the afternoon soaking up the sun and trying not to freeze at the cottage. She also spent quite a bit of time on guard duty making sure the folks running past the cottage didn't try any funny business. 

124/365 2014.05.04

Post run view which I have greatly missed.

125/365 2014.05.05

Hey! Anyone wanna be my running partner? I'm slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I run!*

126/365 2014.05.06

*I saw that on a tank top someone posted on Pinterest and found it to be quite appropriate. 

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