Let's Go Streaking!

26 May, 2014

I'm quite certain I am going to end up jinxing myself with todays post, but I'm going to throw caution to the wind and hit PUBLISH anyway.

For the last few years I have watched from my sidelines as friends have completed Runners World Summer Runstreak: running at least a mile a day between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. My lack of participation wasn't because I didn't want to....first there was the recovery from foot and Achilles tendon surgery, then a stress fracture in my foot and last summer a wicked case of bursitis in my hip. All injuries required a treatment plan of NO RUNNING.

But this summer, I have the all clear from all doctors to run my heart out which is precisely what I plan on doing.

Starting today I'm joining the running masses and starting the Run Streak. Each day, for the next forty days I'll be running at least a mile. Although, there may be a day or two of walking--I'd like to keep racking up "injury free" miles, if you know what I mean. And the best part about this? My last day, July 4th, is the day that I plan on running in my first race!

No joke. I am more worried about this whole race on July 4th than I am about anything else. But I figure the first one will be the worst of them all. I just need to rip it off like a band-aid and be done with it.

So whaddya say? Anyone else doing the Run Streak?

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