It's happening.....Again.

07 May, 2014

I am really hesitant to write about the following for fear that by talking about it, it all falls apart.

Spring has been inching its way back to northern Michigan over the last few weeks (even though it did snow on Monday). Wanting to take advantage of the crisp air and not wanting to feel like a slug, I strapped on my running shoes and went for a run.

Well, it was more of a wog (walking/jogging), but it still happened.

And I've done it a few time since!

It was this time last year that I was in the middle of physical therapy dealing with a defective hip (effing bursitis) and being told that I might want to look for a different form of exercise because "some folks aren't meant to be runners".

Not wanting to accept that as an answer, I did everything my physical therapist and doctor told me to do. I iced it. I stretched it. I did "other" activities and didn't run. Yes there were a few "test runs" in there, but each time I did it, the pain would return and I'd be back to square one.

Last Sunday, when I went out and did the first day of the first week of the Couch 2 5K Program just to see how it would go. I was fully prepared for the worst: excessive burning in my hip, stabbing pain down my leg and me limping back to the car.

But alas, I was wrong!

No pain. No tenderness. No limping!

At this point, I've only completed a week and a half of the program but am really encouraged by how well my hip has been doing. I even went to far as to delete all my previous run tracking to really feel like I was starting from scratch. Looking back on how well I was doing on the program prior to the injury was extremely discouraging, especially considering my current pace is slower than a herd of turtles.

But no matter how slow I am starting out, at least I'm starting again. And that is currently all that matters.

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