Project 365: Week 14

10 April, 2014

I solemnly swear to get myself back on track.

Just a simple self portrait.
92/365 2014.04.02

We took a little fieldtrip to a local non-profit for work where they have Scottish Highland cows. It's an amazing program and one I am definitely going to volunteer some time for.
94/365 2014.04.03

A blank canvas.
95/365 2014.04.04

Saturday some friends of mine and I headed to a Wine & Canvas event. It was so much fun. I would absolutely recommend getting a group of friends together to do it.
95/365 2014.04.05

Sadie gives me this look all the time.
96/365 2014.04.06

I've lost track of how many practice rounds of this painting I have completed. But I think I've finally sorted it out to do a wall sized version of it.
97/365 2014.04.07

Another view of the new tattoo.
98/365 2014.04.08

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