Musings and Mullings

16 April, 2014

I know.

Long time no write!

Like I said last week, I'm not going to make an excuse for my absence. Life happens and things that we love sometimes need to be put on hold so they don't turn into something we avoid.

Things have been BUSY and I have been unbelievably indecisive. Hence the half dozen or so blog design re-dos that you may or may not have noticed. As easier as things have been since I made the migration from Blogger to Wordpress, I'm still not feeling "settled" (if that even makes any sense) but I'll eventually get there.

Lots going on at work. I've been spending almost as much time out and about doing my thing as I have been in the office. On one hand, it is pretty incredible that I get to speak to and meet with so many amazing folks. Other the other hand, my desk is a disaster and my email inbox hates me.

I'm finding myself fully absorbed in painting. And wishing that I received half of the amount of joy from creating a photograph that I get from creating a painting right now. In fact, when I do this weeks update for my 365 Project, you may notice that most of the photographs I have taken are photographs of paintings I have completed. So that's fun.

Meditation has I've been so busy with everything it has been hard to shut it down at the end of the night. But I'm working on it. There are certainly days when I feel it (whatever it is) from having not mediated so I know it is something that I need to refocus on. And I'll get there. I just need to remind steps, it is all about baby steps.

So yeah.....this Musings and Mullings thing might become an actual thing. But my track record with "things" isn't so great so you might not want to hold your breath on that one.

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