27 April, 2014

Happy Sunday evening everyone!

Things have been ridiculously quiet around these parts lately and for good reason.

I've been actively avoiding my blog. Like whoa.

I have been toying around with ditching it and starting fresh.

New name. New layout. New everything.

But that takes a lot of work ya'll and the last thing I want to do was lose anyone who has been with me for the last few years.

So rather than really pull the plug on it all, I just packed up and moved and left behind everything I didn't want which was basically everything.

Over the next week or so I'll be working on moving some stuff over but not everything. I know I should have waited until that was done to "launch" the newish stuff, but I like follow my own rules.

Until then, should you wish to revisit my past ramblings, they can be found here:

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