Project 365: Week 9

06 March, 2014

For a very brief moment I toyed around with doing themes for each of the remaining months. That moment didn't last for too long, but I am still thinking I might do a month of just self portraits.

I've written about it before, but there really is something incredibly liberating about stepping in front of the camera. If if it for an arms-length selfie. We'll see. Who knows. It could still happen.

02.26 2014
Doodling and toying around with some tattoo ideas.
57/365 2014.02.26

I took this photograph before having a massive cry.
58/365 2014.02.27

Two things have been helping me deal with some funk lately. The first being writing.
It seems that if I don't write it out, I can't get it out.
59/365 2014.02.28

I do not say this often, so when I do say, one can bank on the fact that I mean it, but I LOVE this photograph of myself. All spitfire and sass without the tiniest bit of self doubt.
60/365 2014.03.01

The second thing that is getting me through some funk is meditation. I know I keep taking photographs of this set-up but it is what is keeping me grounded right now. There is major sense of relief when I open my eyes after a session and that sign is the first thing I see.
61/365 2014.03.02

Me, being well, me.
62/365 2014.03.03

Tools of my expression.
63/365 2014.03.04

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