28 March, 2014

Anticipating // Opening Day!! Someone needs to make Opening Day of baseball a national holiday because it is my favorite day of the year!! And this year I am actually going to be at the ballpark for the first pitch of the 2014 season for the Detroit Tigers. I have been uncontrollably giddy since buying the tickets after a last minute decision to do a mini-road trip with friends.

Listening To // At work I have been listening to the Deva Premal Pandora station quite a bit lately. I'm finding that having this type of music playing in the background rather than my usual tunes a) keeps people out of my cube because they think it is weird and b) helps me to mellow out which, recently has been greatly needed.

Excited // In one short week I have an appointment for my next tattoo! I've been wanting this one done for such a long time that it doesn't seem "real" that the time has come to actually sit for it to be done.

Loving // My new skincare regimen. The fact that I actually have a regimen is kind of a strange idea for me but I'm getting used to it. Anywho.....have ya'll heard about how the microbeads in our factor skincare products are (along with everything else I seem to love) killing/ruining the environment because they are teeny tiny plastic beads that don't EVER dissolve? Annoying but true. So, I've shelved my favorite expensive face wash and have replaced it will all natural stuff. Stuff that is in fact found in my kitchen and a tenth of the cost of what I had been using previously.

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  1. Can't wait to see the new tattoos when they come! wanna share the skin care regime? You have amazing skin, so I'd be interested.


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