When Girl Meets Camera

02 January, 2014

If you've followed Miles from Ordinary for any period of time, you may have come across a post where I discuss my love/hate relationship with photography.

It's like a bad relationship or something.

It's weird.

But bottom line is that I adore it. And while visiting MOMa while in NYC a couple weeks ago, I began to realize just how much I miss spending time with my camera and seeing things from a different perspective.

As I've done the last few years (but with no success) I have decided to ONCE AGAIN tackle a 365 photography project. One photograph a day for the next three hundred and thirty-three days (I've already managed to get two days under my belt). The thing that is different this year is that there are no rules. I'm not going for a theme (although I would like to do one self portrait a week). No plan. No agenda. Just me and my camera which has been woefully neglected.

I have to say I am pretty excited about the project and getting reacquainted with my camera especially with school starting up again next week. The daily project will give me a mandatory break to flex my creative muscle.

Should you wish to follow along I set up a little blog for the project: When Girl Meets Camera. I can't guarantee the photography will be any good or the words accompany the photographs will be meaningful, but there could be a gem or two!

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