Project 365: Week 2

16 January, 2014

I am rolling right along with my 365 project. Focusing on the simplicity of photography and everyday life, even if neither are all that "exciting" in the traditional sense of the word.

I always thinks self portraits are a bit "weird" in that I'm not entirely sure they are the most accurate photographs of ourselves. We pick the ones we like best. If you've so inclined you can fix your flaws in photograph, adjust the lighting so "it's just right". I feel like at times they are the representation of what we hope we look like instead of what we do look like. 
8/365 2014.01.08

There are days that call for a bottle of really good wine. This was one of those days. 
9/365 2014.01.09

I adore this hair clip as a decorative piece rather than actually wearing it in my hair. 
10/365 2014.01.10

I'm trying to look beyond the flaws of things. Trying to find the beauty in the simplicity of everyday.
11/365 2014.01.11

A very tiny sampling of my ever expanding "to read" pile. It really has gotten out of control but don't anticipate reducing it any time soon. 
12/365 2014.01.12

I bought these signs while on vacation in NYC last month. I absolutely love them. I just need to find a home for them in the house. 
13/365 2014.01.13

Someday I'll pick up my mandolin and play it again, I just know it!
14/365 20134.01.14

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