Happy Sweet Sixteen!

15 January, 2014

Yes. I am a pet owner who celebrates their pets birthdays.

Today, is Sadie's sixteenth birthday!

15/365 2014.01.015

After my uncle passed, I always felt like I was the one saving her when it was decided I would "adopt" her. No one, including the vet gave her much time---6 months to a year, maybe. That was 7.5 years ago.

She is the sweetest, most loving dog I've ever met. She's enthusiastically greeted me at the door each time I've come home from work, snuggles in bed with me when I've been sick and doesn't think twice about giving you her opinion when she doesn't feel like she is getting enough attention.

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  1. She is a sweetheart. This is one of the few photographs I've taken of her that actually shows that. She HATES the camera so otherwise she looks pissed off and annoyed.


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