365 Project: Week 1

10 January, 2014

I'm a day late and dollar short with my 365 project update.

I am happy to say that I've been having a great time with the project. I know it's only been a week, but that familiar feeling of diggin' what I am doing is coming back. Hopefully that'll last throughout the year.

Here is a recap of the first week of 2014 in pictures!

I bought this little sign when I was in New York last month. It's a great little reminder that no matter what is going on in your life, everything will be o.k. 
1/365 01.01.2014

I plan on doing one self portrait a week (a built-in 52 weeks project) this year. 
2/365 01.02.2014

A blank page. Always an intimidating thing.
3/365 01.03.2013

This little pup is turing 16 next week. That is 112 years old in dog years.
4/365 01.04.2014

One of my favorite corners in the house.
5/365 01.05.2014

Thanks to the Polar Vortex we had earlier this week, I spent a lazy day in bed reading, writing and crocheting.
6/365 01.06.2014

I bought this figure when I was in the Dominican Republic last March. She is one of my favorite souvenirs. 
7/365 01.07.2014
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  1. I am loving your project 365 so far, your pictures are by far more interesting than my pictures. That said, I am attempting the project for the 6th time this year (only successfully completed once, last year) so I feel as though I've taken every pictures 16 times already lol! Good luck with your project.

  2. Oooh! Your pictures are so pretty! Love that "Music is my Anchor" piece!

  3. I know the feeling! I've had to look back a couple times at the projects I've already done to make sure I don't make the same photograph twice. :D

  4. The anchor sign is my favorite. I had it done after I got my tattoo this summer.


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