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24 November, 2013

It is official. It is impossible for me to fight it any longer. Winter has arrived. I know. I know. I live in a part of the country where it is inevitable (and my job kind of depends on it) but I don't like it. If somehow we could figure out how to keep the snow off the roads and out of my driveway, then maybe I'd be o.k. with it. But until then, I am not happy. At least it's nice to look at though.

Speaking of work. It has been anything but pleasant. I don't talk about it much here and I'm not going to now other than to say, it is really frustrating to have an amazing day off doing something you find insanely interesting (seriously--I spent a day last week working on a paper for my psych class and loved every damn minute of it) only to go to work the next day and have the wind taken out of your sails the moment you walk through the door. When you feel like you can't have a day off, it's time to admit something is terribly wrong.

School has been going o.k. Last week (thanks to work) was a bit of a struggle which was sadly reflected in my assignment grades. This week didn't feel much better, but hopefully I was at least able to fake it enough make it seem like I had ample time to work on things. One of the assignments I had was to watch a TED Talk that Beau Lotto gave. This man is fascinating. If you have time, I highly suggest watching the following video on Optical Illusions. It is mind blowing.

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  1. The consensus with everyone I know seems to be winter is fine...if we could just keep the snow & ice off the roads.


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