Oh....Hey there, October

01 October, 2013

Holy geez.

October 1 got here really fast.

I thought I'd do a super quick recap of the last couple of weeks which have kept me M.I.A. from this place.

  • October baseball is here!! really it starts today, but the last couple of weeks have been equally as stressful as they were exciting. My preseason predictions didn't pan out quite like I wanted them to, but including the two teams in each wild card game, I had 5 out of the 10 potential teams correct. One might consider me a dang genius since I know next to nothing about the National League. Of course my Tigers won the AL Central but I'm not terribly confident in them winning the ALCS, but I do love to be proven wrong.
  • School started and I'm kind of hating it. This whole "You MUST participate in online discussions at LEAST 5 times a week" is really annoying. I mean. I get it. But I don't get it. I have nothing to say and NO I don't want to explain my long winded answer that I already posted. No explanation needed. Just go with "Because I'm awesome, that's why."
  • I've killed my other blog, you know the one where I was going to talk about health and wellness. Yeah. I'm not going to explain the why. It's not really worth it, but I may (or may not) just do what I wanted to do there here.
  • I went CRAZY cleaning up my social media stuff. Deleting contacts I don't contact anymore. Removing blogs and twitter feeds. It was insanity but I feel better for it which is really all that matters. 
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  1. I hated the forced online discussion forums I was forced to participate in when I was in school... Maybe it was because I had really high hopes for it because I was used to posting on forums recreationally, but I was so disappointed with what little effort I saw my peers put into it that I hated being forced to respond to them.

  2. I've been cleaning up and streamlining my social media as well and you getting things more manageable. It feels so good!

  3. October baseball has hurt my heart. My Rangers are out and my focus is on college football now. *sigh*

  4. I'm hoping as I get into some of the "beefier" classes there will be more substantial participation from my fellow classmates, but if this is how the rest of my academic career is going to go, I'm not sure I'll make it.

  5. I think it's funny that the saying "less is more" actually applies to social media.

  6. A very dear friend of mine is a Rangers fan as well. I'm a bit leery of being too excited about the post season--the A's are going to be tough to beat.


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