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11 September, 2013

It doesn't happen as often as I'd like, but there are days when it feels like the pen in my hand has a mind of its own and the ideas just come out of no where.

This is how the last few days have gone. And it has been glorious!

But the best part about it, none of it has been for the blog.

I've had essentially the same story running through my head for the last few years, trying to work out how to put it down on paper. It's your standard romantic comedy with what I would like to say has a little more comedy than romance (just like my real life!). There are no earth shattering revelations or life changing "ah ha!" moments.

I have at least a half dozen variations of it in notebooks and scraps of paper around the house, but until this version it never felt right. I finally feel like the I have the characters and story where they need to be. I'm fully aware that when it is done, it will be tucked away on my shelves and unlikely to be read by anyone else.

But sometimes, writing just for the sake of writing is worth it.

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