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18 September, 2013

To say I'm a "bit obsessed" with drawing right now is a bit of an understatement.

As  kid, like most kids do, I used to get lost in my drawings for hours. I even remember getting up early on Saturday mornings to watch a drawing show in our local PBS channel. And Bob Ross's painting show--one of my absolute favorites! I always looked forward to the "kids college" programs in the summer because it meant I'd get a new sketchpad and drawing pencils. Those were pretty much gold in my eyes.

I'm not exactly sure at what point I abandoned drawing. We didn't have an art program once I started high school and I'm quite certain that had something to do with it. And once I got to college, there was no WAY I was going to take a class, even if it was Drawing 101. There is something to be said about being terrified of trying something you gave up a long time ago.

Anyway, my picking up the pencils and sketchpad again was a little bit of a fluke. While flipping through the stack of tattoo designs/ideas I have saved in a notebook, I started sketching out my own ideas. Flowers. Swirls. Butterflies. And that turned into drawing the flowers in my garden (or attempting to draw them) which eventually took me to my favorite online resource for learning how to do just about anything, YouTube.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been having a lot of fun rediscovering my love of drawing. I even went out and bought myself some fancy new sketchpads. It's been pretty amazing how quickly the things I learned as kid are coming back. I still have a heck of a lot to learn and relearn, but I'm feeling like I'm off to a good start.

Or it could just be a case of beginners luck, which if it is, I'll take it!

Below are three of my favorite sketches that I've done recently. I'm trying really hard to not look at them and pick out all the flaws and/or things I need to improve on. Instead, I'm trying to enjoy the  new journey while looking forward to seeing what I will learn tomorrow!

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