Things I've Learned While Watching 24

16 August, 2013

I have finally made my way through all 8 seasons of 24.

I know. I know. It totally ended like, what, three years ago. What can I say? I'm fashionably late to the party. BUT the show is apparently coming back in 2014 (or so says IMDB) so maybe I'm a little ahead of the curve. I dunno.

Regardless, watching the show has provided me with a number of really important life lessons that I'll carry with me for years to come.
  • You might not make it out in one piece, but Jack will ALWAYS get you out of whatever crappy situation you find yourself in. Trust him, you have his word. 
  • The real threat to national security is apparently the Russians. They seem to be behind EVERYTHING!*
  • If you are sexually involved with Jack, you will die. Or be kidnapped and left in a high functioning vegetative state which I supposed by be a worse alternative to having just been killed.
  • It's apparently really easy and doesn't take much time or training to infiltrate CTU (is that even a real division?!) because it seems to happen ALL. THE. TIME.**
  • The normal rules of "No cellphone use" don't apply in most secure facilities. Everyone seems to be chatting away on their cellphones, plotting some sort of revenge. 
  • You really can be President if you are a woman!
I really am looking forward to the new season next summer (don't like to me IMDB!) to what new adventures Jack goes on and what other life lessons we can all learn!

*-To anyone at the NSA reading this because apparently Big Brother is watching EVERYTHING, remember, I'm talking about a fictional tv show about fictional people doing fictional things. 
**--Hey, NSA! It's me again. Seriously. FICTION. 
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