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02 August, 2013

What do you do when you write something really personal, send it off to a stranger and have it published in a book along with a group of amazing women from the across the country?

If you are me, you freak out a little bit because it's a topic that isn't really all that easy to talk about and are worried about folks being super judgy about it if they ever found out. But then you decide "Ah fuck it! The whole point of the book is to talk about it!" and give away a copy of the book on your blog. More on that in a minute!

But first, a little bit about the book.

Glitter: Real Stories From Real Women About Sexual Desire:
Glitter is about the female sexual experience, which contrary to what the media would have you believe, is not all bubble baths and chick flicks.

Women are constantly judged as slutty, or uptight, but the reality is somewhere in between those two, and sometimes, no where near either. We have secret shames and private desires and we all feel we are the only one. 

We are good churchgoing girls with a penance for the paddle, PTA moms who hire escorts, feminists who like to bottom in the bedroom, slutty virgins, bi curious married ladies and women with a past. We are gay, straight and undecided. 

We are all over the map, and we are amazing. 

The contributors to this anthology discuss everything from masturbation to fetishes, from sexy to sad. Not every story will sit well with you for a variety of reasons. I hope you can still read it and be supportive of the writers.

My decision to write something for Glitter was pretty much a no brainer as soon as I read about it (that is until I hit send on the email to Mona but that is a whole other story). It was a project/book that I wish had been available to me (as a reader) when I was trying to sort through all sorts of stuff in terms of sex and sexuality. Hell, there are still days I feel like I am trying to sort things out.

Choosing which story to share though was entirely different. I wrote three entries, including the one I submitted. Getting my thoughts and experiences down on paper was equally bizarre and cathartic all at the same time.

Bizarre, because as I've written before, I don't fall into that "traditional" role of beauty which many (including myself) equate to sexual. And sadly, most (not all of them thankfully) of my relationships would support that notion so writing a piece that totally debunks that notion was really strange.

But for those very same reasons, writing my story (or stories depending on how you look at it) was also extremely cathartic. Writing about that aspect of my life, while extremely personal and something most people keep close to themselves, was liberating. It helped to remove some of the shame that I was made to feel by two guys in particular who (sadly) had a huge impact on my sexuality. And sharing it in a collection of stories along with 41 other woman helped me to normalize that part of my past and my life. It made me feel less, as one guy put it "fucking weird".

Because I wish every woman could participate in this kind of project, I am giving away a copy of Glitter to one lucky Miles from Ordinary reader!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For those who cannot wait to see if they win and/or have a Kindle, this weekend only, you can download a copy of Glitter for free!

Happy reading!

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  1. So proud of you for getting your stuff out there! I would love to read it! I will even if I don't win... But if I send you my copy, will you sign it?

  2. Thanks for entering the giveaway.
    I will gladly sign a copy for you!

  3. This book sounds really interesting, and right up my alley. I'm especially interested to read your portion. Sounds like I can relate.

  4. So very brave. Can't wait to read the anthology.

  5. Micah @ Unabashedly MeAugust 2, 2013 at 11:51 PM

    I cannot wait to read this. For real.

  6. I wanted to stop by and thank you for doing your give away and helping spread the news of the kindle giveaway! Mwah!


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