30 August, 2013

Anticipating//Today is the big day!! Today is the day I get my new tattoo!! I am quite certain there shall be loads of updates on both Instagram or Twitter should you wish to follow along. Otherwise you'll need to wait until next week for a proper post.

Reading//On Monday, I received a signed copy of Rock Island Rock from the author himself, Eyre Price. I've only just started the book so I'm reserving all judgement until I've completed it.

Listening//While Paradise Valley (John Mayer) and All People (Michael Franti & Spearhead) are still in pretty heavy rotation, this week I've been listening to A LOT of Free the Universe (Major Lazer). It's not an album that typically falls into any category of what I would "normally" listen to, but I dig it. I've been perfecting my dance moves all week.

Hooking//The production of crocheted animals has been in full force again! I have more unicorns and moose to make. I also just bought a pattern to make a minion that I am DYING to try out.

Organizing//I broke down and bought a fancy Moleskine planner to keep track of, well, my everything. If I'm going to make school work with a full time job and this here blog, organization is going to be uber important.

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