Do You Mu Mu? Part 2

25 July, 2013

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I haven't done one of these posts in a really long time, but since I was feeling kind of cute yesterday I figured what the heck! And then I realized I had already done this particular item on the list. Whoops! Hopefully Jes won't mind the double link-up.

I unfortunately do not own an official mumu, but what I do own is a fabulous black dress that was actually referred as a mumu by someone. Because apparently if you aren't wearing something totally clinging to your body it's a mumu. Whatevs.

I am a big time believer is wearing what you love, regardless of what fashion rule is popular at that moment. This dress is one of those things that I love. And if I could wear it every day, I would wear it every damn day of my life and not apologize for it. Putting this dress on makes me feel fabulous. Like I can conquer the world. Or at least my workday or a night out with the girls.

I feel like myself in this dress more than anything else that I own. I feel fierce, independent, sassy and maybe even a little bit sexy.

I think every girl needs a dress like that.

This is me totally strutting my stuff.

Me not strutting my stuff but instead fixing my hair which makes for a semi-awkward pose which is always awesome. 
Can we talk about this necklace?! LOVE IT.                    Ridiculous fact: I love that I have laugh lines.

Tonight's view from the shores of Lake Michigan. 

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  1. I had no idea that a list like that existed.. but I'm experiencing such a mix of emotions. Disgust at it's existence but excitement that there has been such an awesome response, and especially that I discovered the response without having seen anything about the original list.

    On another note, that dress looks absolutely fabulous on you.

  2. Work it!

    xo Stephanie

  3. Work it, girl, you look amazing! Love your boldness. :)


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