Spoken Word: How to Be Alone

13 June, 2013

Every so often, the weight of being single gets to be pretty heavy.

Friends talking about a "couples only weekend" or "couples only dinner". Telling me they'd include me but they wouldn't want me "to feel awkward". Knowing that I'm coming home to an empty house and making, once again, dinner for one. Or wanting to see a movie or a concert and not having someone to go with me gets to be a little sad.

Generally though, it's not that big of a deal. I've grown pretty secure in my independence and don't fret too much about going to things solo.

But when it does get to be a little more than I can handle, I tend to turn to this video created by Tanya Davis and Amanda Dorfman for Tanya's poem How to Be Alone. It's four and a half minutes of affirmations that being single really isn't as bad as I think it is.

"Dance like no one is watching
Because they are probably not.
And if they are
Assume it is with best and human intentions
The way bodies move genuinely to beats is after all
Gorgeous and affecting"

How To Be Along by Tanya Davis

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