My "New" Happy Place

11 June, 2013

Have I ever told you guys that my parents are total rock stars?

Not in the Steven Tyler/Joe Perry kind of way.

But in the they are two of the best and most awesome people I know kind of way.

For the last few weeks, they have been over to my house a lot to help me whip my backyard and gardens into shape. Seriously--I wouldn't have been able to do half of what we did without them.

Saturday when I came home from work, they surprised me by leaving this sweet table and chair set for me on my back deck. When I called my mom to thank her for it, she said it was to help "spruce things up a bit".

 The addition to my outdoor space has done than just "spruce things up". It has quickly turned my back deck into my new outdoor happy place. Sadie and I have been enjoying our mornings and evenings out on the deck daily.

In the mornings it's been a great way to start the day with a bagel and my tea.

And in the evenings, I've been sitting out there with dinner and my journal......writing (gasp!).

The view from my back deck--I just love that barn.

Sadie likes to keep any eye on the backyard happenings, making sure the neighborhood cats aren't harassing the family of bunnies who live behind our garage. 

Where is your happy place? 
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  1. Love the set-up!!! That's so sweet of your parents. :)

  2. So lovely! I've been dying to get something similar for my yard.

  3. Aw, your parents are awesome... that table looks perfect and what a nice view!

  4. This is adorable!

  5. Your yard is awesome! What awesome parents you have!

  6. Thanks! It really is a great set-up for just hanging out.

  7. I've been wanting to do this since I moved into the house. I'm not sure why I waited for so long!

  8. I love the view, even though it's still a small town, I love this little oasis that makes you feel like you're in the country.

  9. They are pretty awesome. The next project for my dad and I is to put in a fire pit for backyard barbecues.


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