Crochet Along: Flowerpot Cozies

01 June, 2013

The obsession with all things to related to plants and gardening continues!

This months project for the Crochet Along with Alicia over at the Habitual Homebody is a flowerpot cozie from Hopscotch Lane. Seriously. I love these things. They are the perfect way to jazz up a boring 'ole terracotta pot for the porch, deck or inside the house.

I am very excited with my cozie, although looking at the photos I realize I need to go back and add an additional row at the top. Apparently my measurements were a touch off. Regardless of my lack of math skills, the project was pretty simple--I was able to whip it up while watching a baseball game.

I opted for colors that match my house since the pot will be sitting my front porch. Hopefully the seeds I planted with start to grow soon so I don't have a cozie on a pot of dirt, but even still it's pretty cute.

I am definitely planning on making a few more of these for some small pots. They are definitely going to be a fun, color addition to my from garden and porch!

Did you crochet-along this month?

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  1. great job!! i love the blue colors. it will look great on the porch :)

  2. Wasn't this an easy and fast fast project? Good luck on your seeds, your cozy is beautiful ;)

  3. I love the color combo you chose! It looks great. I had fun with this months crochet along.


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