Poem: 10 Honest Thoughts on Being Love by a Skinny Boy

14 May, 2013

I am not a skinny girl.

I have never been a skinny girl.

I will never be a skinny girl.

I've spent much of my life believing that because of this,  I was defective and not worth being loved, especially by a skinny boy.

A fellow blogger posted this video of poet Rachel Wiley a few months ago. I think I have listened to  and read Rachel's poem at least a dozen times over the last week. Sometimes we all need a reminder that we're perfect just the way we are.


  1. You ARE beautiful. Your smile and your quirkiness and your sense of humor. It's sexy that you can name the entire roster of the Detroit Tigers. Anyone would be lucky yo have you.

  2. And I hope that is taken in the spirit of how I meant it - as a sincere compliment - not an obligatory statement. :-) And I owe you $20 for my cap.

  3. Want to go to the BBQ with me today?

  4. Just saw this. I appreciate the offer, but can't make it to TC today.


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