28 February, 2013

Bidding adieu to February: I am so over this month and extremely happy to see it end. Especially the last couple of weeks. It just feels like if something could go wrong, it has and I am done. I am so looking forward to March especially because I have a BIG trip coming up. A week on a sandy beach with a fruity adult drink in my hand. Yes please!

Listening: I don't know what took me so long, but I am obsessed. OBSESSED with the TuneIn app on my iPhone. Seriously. How have I not always been using it. It gives me my morning news fix thanks to BBC World Service News. I'm able to listen to a little NPR and Diane Rehm when my boss recaps a fairly interesting topic. And all the music I can hope for from markets that actually play good stuff and don't keep Taylor Swift on constant repeat.

Watching: Every year after the Oscars, I go on a movie bender and watch all the nominated films I missed prior to the awards show. Thus far, my favorite has been Beasts of the Southern Wild. If you haven't watched this one, please do. It was incredible.

Reading: As per many books, so little time! But thankfully I've been in a mood to read which has been great. I finished reading One Step Too Far last night (review to come soon!) and am trying to decided what to read next. It's going to either be Mania or Whistling Past the Graveyard, both of which I received from NetGalley for review.

Changing: Change seems to be in the air right now, especially around the blogosphere. I've been thinking a lot about my space here on the internet lately and what I want to do with it. There are things that are important to be. Things I want to write about. Things I want to share. But trying to figure out how to incorporate them has been a bit tricky. They aren't major changes, but little changing here and there that some might not even notice. And it's mostly on my end--how I approach what I do and don't post.


  1. Thank you for that app - I just downloaded it!! And I hear you about February. Least favorite month of the year. Come on spring!

  2. 1. I was so done with February too. Glad its gone. For that matter, January wasn't all that great either. I think our luck will change with the weather!

    2. I have never heard of the TuneIn app, I'm going to see if they have it on Android. I will report back if they do (for the Android people out there!) Right now I'm loving Songza. The playlists have been just the thing I needed, musically ;-)

    3. I love you.


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