Welcome to a New Year

01 January, 2013


Happy 2013 everyone!

A new year for new beginnings. A fresh start. A clean slate.

Or Tuesday depending on how you look at it.

I'm somewhere in between. 

If you visited the blog yesterday, you may have noticed a post lamenting the fact that I was struggling that I couldn't come up with some positive things to say about 2012. It's not that it was a "terrible" year or that bad things happened or didn't go my way or blah blah blah. It's just that when you're feeling a little funky, it's hard to see past it and find the good in things. 

SO...on a whim I decided to take a Pinterest idea (o.k....I'm sure it existed before Pinterest but honestly, does anyone even remember life before Pinterest? No, didn't think so0), turn it on it's head and whip it into submission (I need to stop reading a certain genre of books). I took one of the extra notebooks I had hanging about the house and started a "gratitude journal" for 2013.

The plan is to write something good about every day....let me repeat that....EVERY DAY in 2013.

Even when things are low or I'm feeling blue (I feel like that could be a line to a blues song...sorry...focusing....getting back on track), I'm bound to find somethings, ANYTHING that makes me smile. Whether it's watching Sadie zip around the front yard like a lunatic or hitting the snooze button a half dozen times before getting up in the morning, there is always something that makes things a o.k. And those are the things worth remembering and holding onto. 


  1. EVERYDAY??! Do it! As in, you can! Hooray for the new year! I love the idea of optimism and looking forward- hope is awesome.

    ...and so are you. Awesome that is.


  2. That's a beautiful plan :) It sounds like a great way to remind yourself to be grateful, too. When I'm grateful, I'm so much happier!

  3. Awesome, I have seen so many variations on this idea and I think yours is peachy. I am taking a photo of something I am grateful for everyday for a year and I intend to print them out at the end of each month. Good luck to you, I can't wait to hear how it's going.


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