Crochet Mania!

31 January, 2013

Remember when I had this grand idea of dedicating a blog to my Daily Square Project?

Let's just say it didn't work out quite like I thought it would. Mostly because I am the most indecisive person I know and kept changing my mind as to how I wanted to approach the project. But also because it ended up being a very time consuming. So....I'm ditching the extra blog and will be doing monthly updates here.


I am happy to say I am right on track with making one granny square a day. I've decided that instead of making a different style or use different colors every day, I'm going to work on a set of squares for an afghan until it's finished.

The first one I am working on is for my mom. She picked out her colors and so far I love the result! The colors work really well together and the yarn is coming out really soft. It's going to be a super cozy afghan when it is done.

I've also been making hats like no bodies business. So far think I've done a dozen in the last week alone (I know....where I find the time, I just don't know) and have four more to go! I've been a little crazy, but it not only gives me an excuse to buy more yarn, it's also helping to add to the "scraps bag" to use in a really color granny square afghan I plan on making for myself. It's a definite win-win for everyone involved.


  1. wow, look at all those squares! Congrats on getting back on track and thanks for reminding me I need to get back to my yarn work.

  2. Your granny squares look great! I am loving the colors :)

  3. Awesome! Ive always wanted to learn how to crochet... I taught myself to knit instead... and Im not even very good :)


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