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24 January, 2013

After posting about the other day about my work-in-progress library, I set to work at getting it finished.

Who knew posting about something on the internets would be all the inspiration one needs to get things done!

While I didn't get the whole room finished (there are still books waiting to be shelved, recycling waiting to be taken down to the garage, cds waiting to be stored) I did get one corner of the room competed: my crochet corner.


I have spent the last three nights in my cozy little space working on (more) hats for friends, my granny square project (which by the way: my big 'ole plan of having a separate space to share my progress was a wee bit of a fail, so I'm ditching the other blog and moving everything over here), an afghan for myself and/or curled up with one of the three books I am currently making my way through (although two of them--Starvation Lake and Beach Music--may be set aside until I finish Blues Highway Blues).

This side table used to belong to my grandmother. It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture that I own so I'm glad I'm able to use it on a daily basis.
A couple of baskets I made to hold all my left over bits of yarn from various projects.
Tools of the trade and a small stack of granny squares for my moms afghan.
A stack of half-granny squares for an afghan I'm thinking of making for myself.
Yarn stash! Every time I see all of my yarn together, it makes me ridiculously happy.
I absolutely adore my Keep Calm & Crochet On print that I ordered from 
My cozy little corner.
One of my next projects is to make some sort of new cover for my foot stool. I love the yellow, but it's old and needs some TLC.
And of course Sadie, because seriously. Who can resist that face?!

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  1. Hi there! I just found you through Shane's Coast to Coast Blogger look up and saw you live in Traverse? My family and I are moving there in June from Jacksonville and I am so excited to see a fellow Blogger up there:) Maybe we can do a Blogger meet up in the summer? Yeah!


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