List of Suggestions: 2013 Edition

19 December, 2012

Each year, rather than make a list of resolutions, I make a list of suggestions for myself.

I always start before January 1 and I rarely actually stick to them in their original presentation. It's a system the works fairly well.

As long as the world continues to exist after Friday, here are my New Year Suggestions for 2013.

  • Read 52 Books: In theory, this should be the simplest of goals to achieve  It's one book a week. ONE. BOOK. But I've managed to fail THREE YEARS IN A ROW. I mean, seriously. How hard can that be? Eeesh. 
  • Read 10 Banned Books: Admittedly, but default this one should really fall in with reading 52 books a year but no. I'm keeping it separate. It's one of my 35 Before 35 goals hence it's own place on the list.
  • The Daily Square: My 365 project for the year which I wrote about here----->The Daily Square
  • Veg Out: I've talk about it. I've toyed with it. And now it's time to get serious about it. It's time to go vegan. Considering the last thing to cut out from my diet is what I am allergic to, it should be an easy switch. Unless of course you like cheese, which I do hence my inability to bid it farewell. 
  • Just Keep Running: I have no idea if this number is too low or too high. It kind of feels like an ok number but I'm exercising my right to change it at any time. I'd like to hit 500 miles for the year. That's three 3 mile runs per week, which I can do. I think. 
  • Get Centered: I need to do more yoga and more mediation. It's time to set up a truly dedicated space to both and I think I have just the spot. Before the new year rolls around, I plan on doing some work in one of my spare bedrooms to make it a space I can go to practice without all the distractions of the house. 
So there it is. My list of suggestions for 2013. It's not terribly exciting or life changing. Just a few simple (ha! simple my ass) things to work towards.

Anyone else have any New Year Suggestions or Resolutions you'll be working on for 2013? 

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