Conversations with Friends

14 November, 2012

My friends are kind of a funny bunch. More times than not, we end up laughing so hard we have tears in our eyes. And it's generally because someone said something that sent the rest of us into fits of giggles.

Some of my favorites are.....

Conversation at work.....
Friend 1: What are hipsters?
Friend 2: I'm pretty sure they are high waisted jeans. You know, like fancy mom jeans.

Text from a friend.....
J: My sister wants to know what you would consider to be a "cocktail"?
Me: I'm going to go with a "mixed drink". 
J: She thought it was shrimps with sauce and if anyone invited her out for cocktails she would have to decline because she doesn't like shrimp. 

Friend at a John Mayer concert.....
H: You know what's on my bucket list? When I'm 40 I'm gonna bum rush the stage screaming "I love you John" and some giant black man is gonna have to carry my ass off over his shoulder.

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  1. this was hilarious! reminds me of conversations i've had with my friends XD

    and new follower btw, love your feminist button :D



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