Photography: A Love/Hate Relationship

07 May, 2012

There are days when I look at my camera(s) and curse the day I ever decided to pick one up to see what I could do (create) with it.

Then there are other days when I feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to capture all the images I want/see around me. Sadly, there haven't been many of these kinds of days lately.

I was hoping that starting yet another 365 project would prove useful in my attempt at falling back into love with photography. I couldn't have been more wrong. Most days I dreaded having to pick up the camera--mainly from a lack of time needed to set up the shot, take the shot, process the shot and then upload the shot. Half the time I'd totally forget and end up taking a photo with my iPhone just so I would have something to fill in for that day. Not a good way to approach a project of any kind.

So I quit. Again. Almost 2 weeks ago. But the crazy part about it is that it wasn't a conscious decision to do so. I literally just forgot to take a photo. And I am more than o.k. with that.

What I am not o.k. with though is that I don't have a project any more. I know. I know. I was just saying that one of the reasons I hated my 365 project is because I didn't have time. But that's because I had to do it every day. I need something that I can work on at my own pace.

The question is what.....

Do I do just the iPhone thing for awhile?
Do I just into the deep end and pick kind of a giant, long term project?
Do I just set the camera on the shelf for a bit and totally regroup? <---side note this one. I mentioned to a friend the other day that I was thinking of putting the cameras away for a bit once I finish my last scheduled photo shoot in a few weeks. She looked absolutely mortified.
Or do I just star shooting again and not worry about the direction or purpose of each photograph?

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