This Is Not A Drill: #the100dayproject

01 April, 2019

You are not seeing things.

I promise!

Tomorrow starts #the100daysproject.

I did the challenge last year and managed to get through 60ish days. This year I am determined to finish all 100 days.

For this years project, I want to do a sketchbook full of nature illustrations.....birds, flowers, trees, animals, fungi. All things related to Northern Michigan with little notes written about each entry. I think it will be a really fun project and a great way to work on my "realistic" illustration skills. Plus, with spring right around the corner, I'm hoping it will help get me out and about on some of my favorite hiking trails with my sketchbook, a pen/pencil and even, on occasion, my camera.

Over the last few weeks, I've been gathering my supplies and getting myself ready for the project.

I'll be using a sketchbook from Piccadilly that I picked up from my local shop.  With 240 pages I'll have more than enough room to house my project and then some!

I'm going to house my sketchbook in my Chic Sparrow A5 travelers notebook. I absolutely adore this tn and am very excited to have it housing this years project.

To help with inspiration as well as reference pictures, I picked up three vintage reference book from our local Goodwill: A Golden Guide to Birds, A Golden Guide to Mammals and A Guide to Familiar American Wildflowers. For a total of $2.00, they are a perfect accompaniment to this years project!

All the sketches will be in graphite pencil and colored pencil. I might break out the watercolor from time to time, but I may leave that strictly for the flowers.

I'm really excited to get started with my project and to see how it grows. I'll be done updates here on the blog throughout the project, but will be posting daily updates on my art related Instagram feed at AnImperfectionist or by following along with my hashtag #AnImperfectionists100days. I'd love to see you there!

One Word

07 January, 2019

When I decided on my “one word” for 2018, the original idea was to feel all the feels, do all the things and not be so scared about failing. I tend to shy away from things because I don’t know what the outcome will be and if I can’t control all the things, I’m not likely to take a change. Not a great way to go about things, I know.
I chose “Get Messy” because I felt like that little phrase encompassed all of that.
I had no idea though that life in 2018 would be beyond “messy”. It would be chaotic, painful, devastating and heartbreaking.
But if life wasn’t all of those things, would it mean we were actually living?
Going into 2019, I knew I needed to focus on what I needed the MOST right now. Not what I needed a year from now or five years from now. But in this very moment. In this time and space……what was it that I need to feel balanced and at piece.
That’s when I decided on the word “Calm” for 2019.
I can’t control what goes on around me. I can’t control how others respond and react to things at work, in my personal life, in the world in general.
But I can control how I allow it to affect me. I can control how I choose to respond. I can control how I allow it to influence my life.
Moving through the next 365 days, I’ll be focusing my energy making sure things I do, things I say serve me in a way that bring calmness to my life and not unnecessary chaos.

Training: Week 2

03 April, 2018

Happy Tuesday friends!
So last week was a little busier than I had anticipated which did not translate well in terms of running.
To keep things somewhat consistent, the schedule I came up with was to run on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday of each week.  I figured I could do the shorter runs on Monday and Wednesday after work before heading home and then a longer run on Saturday with the dogs.
What I didn’t plan for was the unexpected “life events” that popped up and threw my plan off kilter.
Thankfully though, I was able to get 2 of my 3 runs in this week. I know it may not seem like much, but it was a pretty big deal considering most days I’m trying to drag myself out of bed every morning (my pesky ‘ole friend depression has decided to pop by for a spell).
Monday I headed out for solo run to one of my favorite spots. I like to start at my family’s cottage which is close to an easy dirt road that runs through the woods. The hallway point is the community boat launch on the lake. It’s a pretty great spot for a quick picture break before heading back to the cottage.
Penny had a vet appointment Wednesday morning, so I took Sam along with me for a morning run before she and I headed out for the day. Running with a dog is definitely an interesting experience. I think I spend most of my time trying to convince Sam that we didn’t have to sprint the whole time, but it was a lot of fun getting out there with him. It was also nice getting out there first thing in the morning and getting it over with. It also reminded me how much I love running in the morning. There is something almost magical about being out when the rest of the world around you is waking up.

Unfortunately, I did not get my 3rd run of the week in. I ended up having plans the rest of the week that kept me from strapping on the running shoes, but it’s o.k. This is one of the reasons I have decided to give myself so much time to prepare for the 10k. I won’t want to put life “on hold” just to prepare for a race.
This week looks to be just as busy as last week, so balancing real life with running and training will be a bit difficult. But rather than focus on getting my miles in, just making sure to keep moving will be key this week. Along with getting in at least 2 runs again this week, I have a long hike planned for the weekend which should be a fun way to get in some exercise. 

It's Happening!

26 March, 2018

I'd like everyone to go ahead and ignore all my previous posts regarding any training for running a 10k.

Why, you may ask? Well....I'm starting over because this happened....

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Friends and I are officially signed up to run the Across the Bay 10k in Annapolis in November!

Part of me is absolutely terrified.

And part of me is so unbelievably excited about it that I just can't stand it.

Because I haven't run an significant amount in quite a long time, I'm taking my time to prepare for this race.

I still plan on following the Half Marathon training plan from Run Eat Repeat to not only get me ready for the race, but to get me on a consistent  running plan.

I used to love running and am at a place where I'd like to fall in love with it again. And I think this is just the thing I need to help make it happen. 

Training ReBoot

19 March, 2018

I don't exactly know what week of training I am supposed to be on. Week 3....4 maybe?

Regardless, I'm going with week 3 just be be safe.

Last week was a bit of a disaster.

Work stress and relationship sadness got the best of me and I do what I do best....I retreated inside of myself and training too a seat on the back burner.

I know it's not the best coping skill, but sometimes it is what I need to move forward.

So this week, I'm starting over with week 3......

Three days of running. Three days of strength training.

Seven days closer to hitting my goals.

Even though I'm not entirely sure what they are just yet.

Thanks for reading!